Creative Labs HD Webcam

Creative Labs website lists some new camera models touting cross-platform compatibility. Supported operating systems are Linux Kernel 2.6, Mac OS X 10.5+, And Windows 8, 7 & Vista. It had been awhile since Creative introduced any new chat cams, but they recently added these new Live! Socialize models of video chat cameras that feature driverless USB Video Class compliance.

Driverless Webcams from CreativeLabs

From Left To Right:

Socialize Mid-Range Model
Creative Labs Live! Cam Socialize Webcam

Socialize HD - With Wide-Screen 720p HD Support:
Creative Labs Live! Cam Socialize HD Webcam

Live Cam Sync - Low-Quality VGA at a Low Price:
Creative Labs Live! Cam Sync Webcam

Logitech UVC Webcam List : New Model Names

Logitech recently quasi-updated their web camera lineup - renaming some existing cameras to the new meaningless 'C' line, with easy to forget numbers. Some of these new web cam models are driverless USB Video Class compliant - others are not.

Budget Webcam Choice: The fact that this value cam doesn't have Logitech's 'RightLight' technology is an advantage here. Users with other Logitech RightLight enabled cams in low-light situations often experience SLOWER frame-rates in low-lighting conditions. But because this 250 model webcam doesn't have it - it tends to perform more consistently.

Logitech C250 Cross Platform Webcam

This VGA/1.3MP cam doesn't push resolution to extremes, so it also performs well on a wider range of computer processor speeds. (Something that cannot be said about 3MP+ HD web cameras which demand high-speed dual-core computers!) It does have a built-in microphone, but only uses a plastic lens, so this is decidedly not a razor-sharp image like you get from Logitech's top-end Carl Ziess lens models.

In the midrange - The Logitech C600 delivers noticably higher image quality with a glass lens - but because of it's higher 2MP resolution and RightLight technology, this webcam may deliver sluggish frame rates on slower computers - or in low-light situations.

PC & Mac Google Voice Plugin Update

Google Voice and Video For Mac

For those using Google voice and video chat plugin you should have recently received an automatic update that contains:
• Reduced crashes on newer macs (Mac OS X v10.6.2 specifically)
• A fix for webcam compatibility on Windows (including HP webcams)
• Several fixes for plugin stability
• Fixes to the infrastructure used to set up and connect video calls.

New Cross-Platform P2V Web Camera From Ipevo

iPevo Technologies has released the long awaited update to thier original POV webcam for Windows. Now bringing cross-platform compatiblity and a higher resolution 2 mega-pixel sensor - the new P2V webcam stands out for one notable feature in particular. With an ultra-short focal range of 5cm /2" -- iPevo's cameras have been able to show close-up macro details that no other consumer webcam manufacturer delivers.

iPevo's P2V UVC Compatible 2MP Webcam
iPevo Auto-Focus Macro Webcam
Focal Range : 2" to Infinity

With it's narrow, tapered and compact styling - the P2V is designed as a hand-held webcam useful for zooming in on detail. This is very helpful for salespeople or engineers showing and demonstrating product details. Ipevo's cams have also been very popular among Dentists: When combined with a laptop computer they can document a patients mouth - and even show patients in real-time extactly what's happening with their teeth and gums onscreen. Top mounted buttons control focus and snapshot functions.

For more conventional demonstration and video chat uses, the P2V comes with an articulated stand that allows flexible, precision camera placement - as well as a small interchangable notebook mounting clip for the edge of an LCD display.

Updated 2MP Blue EyeBall Webcam For PC And Mac

Blue Microphones recently released a 2nd generation of it's driverless, cross-platform EyeBall webcam - upping the webcam's sensor from 1.3 Mega Pixels in it's first iteration to higher resolution 2 Mega Pixels in the aptly named EyeBall 2.0 web camera with up to 1600x1200 max resolution.


Top Quality Cardioid Pattern Condenser Mic
Supports 44Khz 16Bit 'HD' pro audio

Blue has retained the unique flip-up design and POP-OUT webcam -- in what otherwise looks more like a microphone in a base that can rest atop a desk or monitor - or clip to the edge of a LCD display. Unlike many webcams which have a front mounted LED light to indicate when the camera is recording, Blue does it physically - When the camera is out, it's ready to go. Or simply press the camera back in to engage video privacy mode.
Blue Eye-Ball Web Cam 2MP Version