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Choose and Buy the RIGHT webcam online at the best prices. Learn about and compare web cameras that are compatible with all modern oerating systems for use with your favorite chat, messenger, video capture and video-conferencing VOIP voice phone applications. Driverless Universal Video Class cams are the best webcam to buy for Apple Macintosh, Windows or even Linux computers.

USB Video Class - Universal USB 2.0 webcams are the de-facto standard, the SMART choice for getting online and connected to pals, family and friends with the least amount of hassle and cross-platform compatibility. No driver required on modern computer operating systems. Native driverless OS-level web cam support is now built into Mac OS X Lion, Leopard & Tiger, Windows 8 & 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 2 or 3 - and Linux.

Best UVC Webcams For Lunix, Mac OSX, Windows

Here's 3 simple choices in a UVC compliant web camera: All of these are UVC compatible HD Web cameras from Logitech ideal for any budget. Choose from the premium Zeiss lens autofocus C920 (1080p) with stereo microphones, the autofocus C615 (1080p) with convenient camera tripod mounting hole, or the value-priced fixed-focus C310 (720p) HD UVC compatible webcam.
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Best HD Webcam For Mac
1080p Logitech C920 Cam

Improved Webcam Design
H.264 Hardware Compression
Glass Lens AutoFocus Webcam

8MP Portable Fold-Up Design
Tripod Camera Mount
$25 Value HD Webcam

5MP Plastic Lens

Best Cross-Platform WebcamCreative Labs WebcamTop Mid-Range Camera
#1 Choice

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Hardware AutoFocus + RightLight2
QuickCam Vision Pro Logitech 960-000254
Creative Live! Cam

For Vista/Windows7 and OSX 10.5+
2MP Logitech Webcam

Glass Lens, Great Quality Microphone


Whether you use your web cam for AOL or Apple iChat, Yahoo or MSN Messenger, Skype, ISPQ, ICUii - or any other number of popular video chat sites, video conferencing or capture programs... Feel Confident. These researched, tested, and reviewed web cameras are the smart ones to buy - and will serve you well for years to come.


Webcams can be broken down into tiers: Luxury HD Webcams like the Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Webcam for those who want the best. Popular Mid-Range models for the best of both worlds. And Cheaper Value Web Cams that deliver reasonably good results for those on a low-cost webcam hunting budget. Other, Not-So-Great low-quality webcams are mentioned - Not all webcams are created equal.


USB Video Class driver compliance built into modern major operating systems makes using these UVC compliant webcams Just-Plug-It-In easy. Look for a quality glass lens if possible. Evaluate whether you prefer an adjustable focus, want a fixed-focus lens, or cameras that support Auto-Focus. You may also want a webcam with Built-In USB microphone which most - but not all have. Look for good low-light sensitivity to give great image quality for both day AND night lighting conditions. Cams that refer to Auto Exposure and Auto White-Balance indicate a webcam that can adapt to changes in lighting. Look for smart, thoughtful design in the camera itself: A webcam clip and mounting design that's versatile and adjustable - when perched atop or clipped to a laptop or notebook screen, that can sit on your desktop or monitor, or those that have a standard camera mount for attaching to a tripod.


Fixed-Focus Webcams

For MOST people a simple, hassle-free, futz-free fixed lens cam may be your best straight-forward choice.

Adjustable-Focus Webcams

Web cams with an adjustable focus ring imply a bit of fiddling. And often, just touching them to fine-tune it's focal length often knocks it out of position. The same problem occurs with some webcams that may have a still-picture snapshot function or button to trigger movie recording. Simply touching the camera to enable it knocks it out of alignment - and focus.
However adjustable cams and are useful for primarily two reasons: 1. You really need to zoom-in on an object at very close range to show someone something in detail. Or, 2. For adult sex xxx webcam needs you may actually want to SOFTEN the focus somewhat to take off your rough edges and smooth your flaws and bumps a bit!

Auto-Focus Webcams

Autofocu cams can be a double-edged sword: The can adapt to normal range or show close-ups without manual adjustment. BUT BE AWARE, there's often a second or two lag to compensate, and if you move alot or guesture when your talk - the camera may struggle to keep up. Recently with Hardware-Based Autofocus in many of the newest generation of 720p and 1080p HD web cameras. If you want AutoFocus - choose a hardware-based autofocus model with fluid, smooth focusing. Some older autofocu cams only do so under Windows software control - these discontinued cams from Creative Labs, HP and Logitech will simply perform like a fixed-focus model on MacOS and Linux.


These driverless UVC cams REQUIRE USB 2.0 ports to deliver high resolution at good frame-rates, so make sure your Linux box, PC or Mac has USB 2.0 speed ports, and your Operating System is current and up to date. The high-end, high-res HD webcams above 1.3MP also ideally need a FAST computer and good lighting to provide the best frame-rates anyways.

Avoid webcams from no-name companies, which are not driverless or USB Video Class compliant, that are poorly constructed, have cheap plastic lenses, flimsy thin cables, poor mounting designs. The Western market is being flooded with cheap 'driverless' web cams from overseas - and the overall reliability, compatibility and quality has been a mixed-bag at best. Trust select models from brands like Logitech Microsoft Microsoft and Creative for quality. If you find a camera on eBay that costs more to ship than the camera itself, that's a good indication you're scraping the bottom of the barrel! A cheap, second-rate, poorly-designed 10-buck webcam might make your wallet happy, but make your computer life dissappointed and miserable.


Comparison shop at ONE location. The webcam marketplace at Amazon provides one-stop shopping; Look for "Also available from these 3rd-party sellers" to assess the best webcam price and availability from multiple vendors - all under one roof. You mmight find a better deal on used or refurbished web cams if the price is right. Compare their shipping charges - or trust Amazon with Free Super-Saver shipping - on it's way - today! You don't need to waste hours slogging across the web to make a good cross-platform webcam choice at a low-price. We've done the hard work for you! The BEST webcams are linked below and in the sidebar.

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